Hi there! My name is Julia and I am the creator as well as the founder of Swag Party Bags. When my son was three and a half, he started getting invited to all sorts of parties. I was glad he was creating friendships with his peers although, let's be honest- a kid his age has zero issues playing around and causing mischief with his buds!


I seemed to be accompanying him to a birthday party every week and each and every time we would return home with a goody filled party bag. This particular observation was what lit the lightbulb and I started researching. It wasn't easy, but with the everlasting help and support of my family, a close friend and sheer determination, I received my first order five months later! So that night, we popped open a bottle of champagne and the next day we got to work!


I created a one stop shop for all one would need to create their child's party bag. Swag Party Bags was launched with a specific aim in mind. I wanted to give parents less to do when organising a kids' birthday party. I know it can be stressful, having two little ones of my own, I have a front row seat.


I decided to include the kids whilst choosing what would become the Swag party bags. I'm sure we were all victims to a child's honesty at least once in our lives and since the business got me working with a topic involving children, nothing stopped me from testing out the likes and dislikes of the products. (Although I must say, there were very few dislikes!)


The organisers can pick and choose the preferred party bags, party bag fillers and/or our very helpful and handy pre-filled party bags whilst sticking to their budget, a couple of clicks later and voila! A speedy delivery of your Swag party bags right at your door, one less task for you to think about!


Here at Swag party bags, I aim to offer and execute a quick, easy and most importantly a full service that tremendously helps the parents when organizing a party. A one stop shop that would cover all the party bag needs without the annoying stop at a second or third provider.


I also aim to cause those loud ecstatic screams of sheer joy children tend to produce once they actually open their Swag party bags! I aim to please and producing the coolest swag party bag ever sure does!


Your guests' parents will thank you for not filling their party bags with sugar after all that birthday cake! The kids will keep busy with their gifts for days to come and at the end of the day, everyone is happy and content! Finally, as a parent myself, I know that there is no greater joy in watching your child have the best birthday party ever so do yourself a favour and leave the party bags to the party bag experts!


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