It's party time!


We have a vast variety of swag party bags for you to choose from. We channelled our inner child and came up with some of the best party bags made of magic that is kid's imagination. What better way is there to thank a child for coming to your baby's party? Give 'em treats!


Our products include individual paper bags, loot bags, gift boxes and drawstring bags. Our drawstring bags have become a local hit as kids can keep using them in their day to day, keeping the magic alive and kicking. The reason why we like them so much is due to the fact that they do their part in safeguarding nature don't get thrown out after a single use!


The next godsend I want to talk about is pre-filled party bags. As a mummy myself, I am constantly on the go. I find myself pre-organising many aspects of my kid's day to day so when the time comes, I can grab and go! I have decided to incorporate this aspect of my life to my business. We have a selection of popular kids themed items that are packed and ready for you.


All you need to do is select the quantity and proceed with party planning! Our pre-filled party bag themes include dinosaur, superhero, pirate, princess, unicorn, mermaid and the very popular Peppa pig! We intend to expand our very loved collection according to the trends!


I feel that I can elaborate further here! Our pre-filled pirate themed party bag includes a treasure chest gift box with a pirate bandana, an inflatable sword, an eyepatch together with a little bag of treasure. The princess themed pre-filled party bag includes a crown headband, a sweet princess figurine, a sparkly coloured gel pen, a flower styled ring as well as a cool sticker sheet!


If you're not really into pre-filled party bags and prefer to customise and personalise your swag bags, the user-friendly online store provides single items you can pick and choose! This is also super convenient for busy parents, as it's a quick method to come up with your own personal party bags whilst adhering to your budget. Delivery is fast and straight to your doorstep. (If you haven't noticed already, I'm a big fan of easy peasy lemon squeasy!)


Here at swag party bags, we like to go the extra mile and help parents out by doing what we do best! Should you wish to personalise your party bags by selecting individual products, we are happy to pack them in your chosen party bag fillers. We can add a name tag to each party bag as per your guest list and guess what? If it's over 50 it's a free delivery!


What else is there to say? Little to nothing. Us parents today have to work, cook, clean, entertain our kids, socialise and about a thousand other jobs in a fast paced and unforgiving society. The ugly truth is that we must indeed turn into our kids' preferred superheroes and do it all with a smile and a wink.


So let us take this task off your hands, we're sure you have a million other things to think of! Finally, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting our family run businesses.